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Frequently Asked Questions

Please call or E-mail us with any questions.



Delivery is available on most large FFA or 4-H ordrs.  Either we will deliver to your location or we will meet you half way.  We have a suburban that we make deliveries in to our buyers.

Joe and I travel to TRBA rabbit shows throughout Texas on most Saturdays in the Fall and Spring.  We will be glad to bring your rabbit order with us, if it will be closer for you to pick up.  However, once in a while something may come up and you will be responsible for picking up the rabbits.

Call about delivery and we will do what we can to help you.  Do not let distance be a factor.  We have one son in Victoria area and another in the Dallas area that make deliveries for us sometimes.

Picking up your rabbits

Please bring a carrier or something to put your rabbits in to take them home.  We usually have carriers for sale. ( Please call a head of time to check for availability.)

Rabbits need to be taken home inside your vehicle. 

A 3 pound bag of feed is sent home with each meat pen.



We make every effort to make sure that your rabbits are delivered to you in good order.  That is why they are delivered in a Suburban.  However, these are young rabbits (Babies).  They have to be handled with great care with the understanding that they are an agriculture project and some of them will be lost.  Every effort is made on our part to make sure they are is good health when delivered.  (Our herd is treated for coccidiosis and is wormed on a routine basis.)  

Check under frequently asked questions for more information.

    Method of Payments

A $50.00 deposit is required for each pen of rabbits.   The deposit will be applied to the amount due for the meat pen.  This is done in order to assure the student is serious about their order.
Send deposits to:  Joe Heaton
                              98-B Didlake
                               Huntsville, TX

Cash is preferred unless other arrangements have been made in advance. We will accept P O orders from Ag teachers and High Schools.

We no longer give pedigrees with met pen stock.


We breed according to the actual breed date.  If your show allows more than the 70 day old rabbit, please let us know.


Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:heatonrabbitry@yahoo