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Order your Californian or New Zealand Rabbit Meat Pen For Texas Show From An Excellent Breeder
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Californian rabbit meat pens and New Zealand rabbit meat pens are a rewarding project.  So, take time and order your meat pen with accurate information
Go Ahead And Place Your Order Early!
Ordering that possible winning  rabbit meat pen requires accurate information.  That is why we need to know if you want Californians or New Zealands and the exact show date, breed date, and validatione date.  Please, place your order in person over the phone.  Be prepared, there is several pieces of information that you will need when you call.  See the list below.  If you are missing any of the information go ahead and reserve your meat pen and then e-mail back the rest of the information.    (936) 291-8688  (Home) or (936) 714-6019 (Pam's Cell) or (936) 714-4816 (Joe's Cell)


Information Requested
1.  Breed Date
2.  Date of Meat Pen Show
3.  Validation Date
4.  Preferred Breed
5.  Age and Weight
In order to get the best possible meat pen you have to give the breeder enough time to breed the best pair of rabbits for you.  I prefer at least 1 month notice before your breed date.
                       OOPS !!
If you forget, however, I can breed at the last minute.  Many times if you call late,  I have already bred for your show.  I do this in case someone runs into problems getting a meat pen and if no one needs them I use them for breeding stock.

Very Limited Breeding Stock Available
Excelent New Zealand Bucks
Limited New Zealand Does
Limited Califonian Bucks and Does
(Please call or e-mail for availability)
I do not usually have stock available because I keep the very best to breed for my students.  In March and April is about the only time I have stock available to purchase. 

1.     Order as early as possible.
2.     Call in person.
3.     Have all your information when you call.
4.     Call the breeder and ask if they had kits (baby rabbits) after the date they should of been born. 


EXTRA Meat Pen Rabbits Available
Date Born: April 1 - 11
Breed:      Californian
Date Edited:      5-18-09
Number availabe:       Depends on date
Send Deposits to:
Joe Heaton
98-B Didlake
Huntsville, TX


Since I breed extra does when someone places an order, I usually have rabbits available.  Please call because I do not always have time to post them.
Just click on our email below to get in touch with us.