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Raising  a Californian rabbit meat pen or New Zealand rabbit meat pen does not take a lot of time but  it does require dedication.  Rabbit meat pens can be grown in your backyard.  Always research and ask questions from breeders about your breed of rabbit.  We would really like to discuss any questions that you have about rabbits.  If you have a question please just give us an email or a call.  The most important piece of information that I can give to anyone is to make sure you buy from someone that raises healthy, good quailty meat pens not show or commercial rabbits.
We take orders up to one year in advance.  So, give us a call or email us.  Many of you are now ordering one year in advance and that is helping us plan ahead.   Thank you.



Michael Heaton
63 Friarcliff Rd.
Cuero, Tx 77954
(361) 564 8764
(361) 275 9205

Joe & Pam Heaton
98B Didlake Rd.
Huntsville, Texas 77340-2036

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Or give us a call at
(936) 291-8688
(936) 714-6019
(936) 714-4816

Members of our family.

Joe and Pam Heaton
Huntsville, Texas
Joe Heaton
Huntsville Firefighter
Pam Heaton
MBA - Sam Houston State University (SHSU)
Wayne and Amy Heaton
Athens, Texas
Wayne - 1996 Youth Texas Rabbit Breeder of the Year
BS - Texas A & M University
Michael and Courtney (Luker) Heaton
Victoria, Texas.
Michael - 2001 Youth Texas Rabbit Breeder of the Year

Members of these Clubs.

American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)
Texas Rabbit Breeders Association (TRBA)
American Federation New Zealand Rabbit Breeders (AFNZRB)
Texas New Zealand Rabbit Club
Texas California RSC

When coming to pick up your rabbit meat pen make sure you bring a carrier.  Californian and New Zealand rabbit meat pens must be transported in the front of vehicles.

We are located in Huntsville, TX.  Our rabbitry is 6 miles out of town on Highway 30 West towards Bryan, College Station.  You take a left turn on Didlake Rd and go down a little over a half mile.  Turn right on 122 Didlake Rd and continue until the road forks and take the right up to 98B Didlake.  We will be the beige house with the three large green barns in the back.  Please call before you come.  We enjoy talking rabbits most of the time, however, there is some times that we are extremely busy.

Our Rabbitry

We did not start selling our stock until our sons graduated from High School.  Then it became a pleasure to begin helping so many new friends.  I started raising rabbits in 1976 when I raised them for my 4-H projects.  I worked hard and started winning in High School.  My boys enjoyed raising rabbits, so, we let them start doing it on a large scale.  We will be glad to share any knowledge that we have gained over the years.
If your club needs someone to speak to them about raising, breeding, selecting, or showing rabbit meat pens, please extend an invitation to us. If it does not interfer with a busy breeding time we would be glad to come to your club.
Here are a few counties that we will be delivering to:
Fall 2007:
San Patricio
Spring 2011 Counties
Marshall (Town)
Call we may add your county!!!

Example of one of our Meat Pen Rabbits.

Here is a picture of a New Zealand.