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  Joe, Pam, & Michael Heaton
 Breeders of  Californian rabbit meat pens and New Zealand rabbit meat pens for Texas (Tx) youth with more than 25 years of experience.  We are members of *Tx New Zealand Rabbit Club, the *Californian Rabbit Club of Texas, the *Texas Rabbit Breeders Association, the *American Rabbit Breeders Association, *the American Fereration of New Zealand Breeders of America, and many local clubs.   

Pam and Joe Heaton Breeder and Buyer

 Raising Calfornian rabbit meat pens and New Zealand rabbit meat pens for Texas FFA and 4-H groups for over 30 years has been a rewarding experience.  Many grand champion rabbit meat pens and single fryers have come from our barns. 
Our two modern air conditioned barns lets us breed year round.  Our stock is healthy and fast growing.
 We sell rabbit meat pens and breeding stock for the youth to show at county fairs.  We are not a commercial rabbitry.  Upon invitation, Pam and or Michael, will speak to your 4H or FFA group on how to raise, condition, and select their meat pen for their county show.  There is not a charge for this service to your group.
New Rules Starting May 1, 2012
If you order a multiple pen order, you can not cancel any of  the pens with in 72 hours of delivery.
Every pen must have a 50.00 deposit
Sundays are now Faith and Family day  ( phone calls Emergency only)
Pens Available 2012
Calhoun,Jackson,Harvest,Fort Bend ,Nacadouches,Waller,Burlason,Red River
We are proud to announce that we had plenty of rabbits to fill all our orders for the last 14  FALL SEASONS.  We even had enough to help other breeders complete their orders.  The heat is not a problem.  Please consider ordering early from us next year.
Latest News: 
New Facebook Page Heaton Rabbits
Latest Wins, EXTRA PENS, Tips, And Information
My youngest son Michael Heaton just finished his own Barn in Cuero Texas (Dewitt County) March 2011 and is already taken orders for the 2011 breeding season   
Contact Information:
Michael Heaton
(361) 564 8764
Booking now 2012 Seminars
August 14, 2012  Fort Bend Co.
August 17, 2012  New Caney  
Sept. 11, 2012  Bexar County
-East Central HS  7:00 P.M.
Sept. 13, 2012  Gladewater HS 6:00 P.M.
Sept. 24, 2012 Refugio County
-Refugio HS 5:30 P.M.
Sept. Williamson Co. Date and Time Pending
             2011 Seminars
June 2, 2011 Jackson County 7:00 to 9:00
July 14, 2011  Orange Grove 6:00 to 8:00
July 25,2011  Fortbend County 10:00 to Noon
September 3, 2011 Nacogdoches
September 6, 2011 Dewitt County 7:00 to 9:00
September 10, 2011 Milam County 1:00 to 3:00
September 15, 2011 Harmony 4:00 Gladewater 6:00
September 18, 2011 Port Lavaca 2:00
September 20, 2011 Port Lavaca 6:00
September 21, 2011 Bexar County
    - East Central High School  7:00 to 9:00
September 24, 2011 Witchita Falls 9:00 to 11:00 AM
    -600 Scott AVE. Suite 200   Witchita Falls 
November 19, 2011 Nueces County 10:00 AM to 12:00
    -Hilltop Community Center 11425 Leopard St Corpus
November Date Pending  McAllen/Valley
September 24, 2011 Wichita Falls
If interested please rsvp via email if not from the county to Heatonrabbits@yahoo.com
If interested in a free seminar in your county please contact Pam Heaton (936)714 6019 heatonrabbitry@yahoo.com or Michael Heaton (361) 564 8764 heatonrabbits@yahoo.com
Grand Champion Meat Pens!  As many of you know, my 5 year old nephew was diagnosed with stage 5 Wimms cancer November 5, 2008.  I have spent most of my time with him and my sister this Fall season.    I would drive 5 hours home and breed rabbits and then return around and drive back them.  GOD blessed me for putting family first.  We had more Grand Champions and Reserve champions than we have ever had in the past.  Joe and I could not go to Nationals this year and wish them all the best.  We did get to go to The State Show and won Grand Champion meat pen and Grand Single fryer.
Joe and I won    Grand Champion Meat Pen and Single Fryer at the 2008 National Meat Pen Show!    (The judge stated they were the best hands down!!)
2012 Grand or Reserve Champions
Katy                Grand and Reserve
Kline               Grand and Reserve
Panola            Grand and Reserve
Star Co.          Grand
Dewitt             Grand
Gonzalas        Reserve
Wiemer          Grand
4-H Extrav.    Grand
Liveoak          Grand
Madinsonville  Grand and Reserve
Clear Creek   Grand and Reserve
Gerlach         Grand 
St Augustine  Grand and Reserve
Trinty             Grand and Reserve
Brazos            Grand
Miliam            Grand
Anderson       Grand and Reserve
Ellis               Grand and Reserve
Henderson     Grand and Reserve
Sabine           Reserve
Lamar            Grand
Parker           Grand Meat pen reserve single fryer
Hunt              Reserve
Will Barger    Grand
Several 1st places Rio Grand Valley Show 
2011 Grand or Reserve Champions
Calhoun            Grand and Reserve
Fort Bend         Grand and Reserve
Trinty                Grand and Reserve
Colorado          Grand
Guadalupe        Grand
Bandera            Grand
Clear Cleek      Grand and Reserve
Dewitt               Reserve
Anderson        Grand and Reserve
Katy                 Grand and Reserve
Madinsonville Grand and Reserve
Nueces            Reserve
Klein                Grand and Reserve
Navasota         Reserve
Fannin             Grand
Will Barger      Grand
Gerlach            Grand
Lamar              Grand
Parker             Grand
Hood               Grand
Palo Pinto       Grand
Kilgore HS  Grand and Reserve
3rd. Place
Grand and/or Reserve Champion 2009, 2010,
Anderson                Dewitt
Webb                       Hood
Crockett                  Nueces
Willburger               Grimes
Gonzales                Katy
Klien                       Lamar
Wood                      San Patricio
Walker                   Star
Nolan                     Madisonville
Fannin                   Live Oak
Parker                   Nacodoches
Helotes                 Trinty
Clear Cleek          Clay
Palo Pinto            Hopkins
Llano                   Upsur
Rusks                  Smith
Cherokee            Hardin
Refugio               Cameron
Willacy               Hidalgo
Starr                   Brooks
Jim Hogg          Zapata
Colorado           Guadalupe
3rd. Place not including above
St Augusting
March 2008 - Blanco county - Grand Champion
March 2008 - Blanco County - Reserve Champion
March 2008 - Llano County - Reserve Champion
September 2008 -Red River County - Reserve Champion
March 2008 - Madison County - Grand Champion
March 2008 - Madison County - Reserve Champion
March 2008 -Katy - Grand Champion
March 2008 -Katy - Reserve Champion
March 2008 - Ellis County - Grand Champion
March 2008 - Ellis County - Reserve Champion
March 2008 -Star County - Grand Champion
March 2008 -Rio Grand Valley Show - Grand Champion
January 2008 - Hood County - Grand Champion
January 2008 - Hood County - Reserve Champion
November 2007 -Williamson County - Reserve Champion
October 2007 - Yamboree - Reserve Champion
October 2007 - Jackson County - Grand Champion
September 2007 - Red River County - Grand Champion
September 2007 - Red River County - Reserve Champion
June 2007 - Parker County - Reserve Champion
June 2007 - Parker County - Reserve Champion Single Fryer
June 2007 - Hunt County - Reserve Champion
May 2007 - Llamar County - Grand Champion
April 2007 - Hopkins County - Grand Champion
March 2007 - Henderson County - Reserve Champion
March 2007 - Ellis County - Reserve Champion
March 2007 - Madison County - Grand Champion
March 2007 - Madison County - Reserve Champion
February 2007  - Katy ISD - Grand Champion
February 2007  - Katy ISD - Reserve Champion
Webb County - Grand Champion
January  2007- San Patricio County - Grand Champion
January  2007- Hayes County -Grand Champion
December  2006- Williamson County Reserve Champion
October  2006- Harvest Festival - Grand Champion
September 2006 - Red River County - Grand Champion
April 8,  2006 State TRBA Show Open Competition - Grand Champion
April 8, 2006 First Place Single Fryer - State TRBA Open Show
April 1, 2006 Rockwall County - Grand Champion
April 1, 2006 - Rockwall County - Reserve Grampion
March 29, 2006 - Ellis County - Grand Champion
March 29, 2006 - Ellis County - Reserve Champion
January 24, 2006 - Hayes County - Grand Champion
Large FFA and 4-H group orders are welcomed.   We usually can make arrangements for delivery. 
We started out small many years ago and still remember those days.  So, we will take any size order and treat it with great care.

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Our goal is to help anyone that is interested in showing rabbits or meat pens in  an ARBA sanctioned show or county shows.  If you can not find the information that you are looking for on our website, please e-mail me and I will do my best to find out an answer for you.
We are members of several great organizations.  When you join these organziations they will provide  you with a lot of  valuable information.
American Rabbit Breeders Association
Texas Rabbit Breeders Association
American  Federation of New Zealand  Rabbit Breeders
Texas New Zealand Rabbit Breeders
Californian Rabbit Speciality Club
Texas Californian Rabbit Breeders

American Rabbit Breeders Association


Texas Rabbit breeders Association


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Grand Champion Rabbit Meat Pen

Please get in touch with us  anytime.

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